Arab Council of Businesswomen

- Arab Council of Businesswomen is economic association Arab non-governmental and not-for-profit operating under the auspices of the League of Arab States, with a membership of associations, bodies, associations and companies businesswomen in the Arab countries also includes branches or departments, or the people or women's committees within the chambers or associations and councils of country exercising its members business, industrial or agricultural or service and be registered in their country under the laws and regulations of that State. May also Council members include female figures in the Arab significant business and have available for the conditions of membership listed above.

- The headquarters of the Council :
Be in the city of Cairo, Arab Republic of Egypt headquarters of the Council, the Council may establish branch offices in the Arab countries as needed. And the appointment of representatives for the Council.

The amendment to Article (2) of the Statute in the General Meeting held on Tuesday, December 12, 2006 where the Council decided to move the headquarters from Cairo to Kuwait, the presidential residence.

- Objectives of the Council :
Works of the Arab Council of Businesswomen to create closer links and cooperation and coordination in various economic sectors to achieve Arab economic integration to achieve the following objectives:
- Development and strengthening of economic relations between Arab businesswomen.
Expansion and development of trade exchange between Arab countries and benefit from the advantages offered by bilateral and multilateral agreements between Arab countries.
- Strengthening the role of Arab women in economic decision-making in inter-Arab trade activities in support of the application of the Arab Free Trade Area.
- Work to build and develop confidence in the product region.
- Maximizing the role of the private sector (and specifically the role of Arab women) in both the business and investment by providing information and provide appropriate facilities.
- Promote the establishment of a joint Arab projects within the framework of an integrated Arab.
- Cooperation with Arab institutions concerned with the development of inter-Arab trade and investment and to benefit from the programs of those institutions.
- Contribute to the development of a consistent position of the Arab business community to the global economic groupings and regional issues.
- Any other goals lead to raise the level of the contribution of Arab women in economic life.

- The Council :
Council seeks to achieve its objectives by doing the following:
- Hold economic forum for Arab businesswomen each year in one of the Arab countries under the name "Economic Forum of Arab businesswomen."
- Sectoral meetings in the areas selected in order to coordinate the work between the business women working in various disciplines.
- Work to implement the decisions and programs of action adopted by the Economic and Social Council of the Arab League or Arab ministerial councils of other specialized agencies.
- Establish relations of cooperation and coordination between the associations and unions of Arab businesswomen and Arab institutions concerned with the development of trade and the Arab Investment.
- Work as a liaison between the associations and unions of Arab businesswomen and Arab government bodies to facilitate and overcome obstacles to the flow of trade between Arab countries.
- The establishment of commercial centers and exhibitions of Arab products in Arab countries in support of inter-Arab trade, as well as in foreign countries in support of the Arab exports.
- Represent the community of Arab businesswomen in international fora and the establishment of cooperative relations with the coordination and cooperation with associations of businesswomen associations in Arab countries.
- The issuance of evidence and brochures to show the role of Arab businesswomen.
- Organize training courses for Arab women in the fields of economics, business and administration.
- The establishment of relations and cooperation with the Arab federation of consumers to confirm the role of Arab businesswomen in the quality control of products in the Arab Arab rational consumption pattern.
- Outreach to the economic dimensions of consumption of the product on the basis of the Arab interests.