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Our vision

Purity of idea leads to a Sublimity the target.

Works of the Arab Council of Businesswomen to create closer links and cooperation and coordination in various economic sectors to achieve Arab economic integration to achieve the following objectives: Development and strengthening of economic relations between Arab businesswomen. Expansion and development of trade exchange between Arab countries and benefit from the advantages offered by bilateral and multilateral agreements between Arab countries.....

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The Council

Luxury in the heart of Cairo.

Arab Council of Businesswomen is economic association Arab non-governmental and not-for-profit operating under the auspices of the League of Arab States, with a membership of associations,bodies, associations and companies businesswomen in the Arab countries also includes branches or departments, or the people or women's committees within the chambers or associations and councils of country exercising its members business....

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Members highlighted

Here are some highlighted Members.

SHEIKHA HISSAH AL-SABAH - SHEIKHA HISSAH SAAD ABDULAH SALEM AL-SABAH, Daughter of the late 14th Amir of Kuwait. - Chairperson of Kuwait Businesswomen Committee, and Chairperson of Council of Arab Businesswomen. - BA in Public administration and Political Science – American University – Beirut – Lebanon. - Awarded From Global Leadership Awards for her efforts in Women & Community development Sector – Malaysia 2012SHEIKHA HISSAH AL-SABAH, From Kuwait.
Layla AlKhayat Mrs Leyla Khaiat who became a Senator Tunisian Parliament, September2005 is a business owner in the Textiles Industries in Tunisia and is very active in associative leadership. Mrs Khaiat presides over and is active in intemational and national economic and cross cutting not-for-profit (NGO) business owners’ organizations.Layla AlKhayat, From Tunisia.
Khayreya Abdalla Aldashty  Economic Adviser to H.H Sheikh Hessa Sa'ad Al-Abdullah Al-Salim Al-Sabah (Kuwait Women Affair Committee).  Secretary General for Arab Business Women Council. Main head quarters (Kuwait) General Secretariat Office (Manama Kingdom of Bahrain).  Deputy Chairman Of Arab Business Women Committee, Bahrain Chamber of Commerce & Industry nominated by BCCI.  Secretary General (BPW International Bahrain). Khayreya Abdalla Aldashty, From Bahrain.
Shahinaz Ahmed Khayry Shahinaz Ahmed Khayry, From Bahrain.
Nagla Edwar Azeer -Chairman of the Board of Directors of Edwardo Marine Services subsidiaries (Port Said - ALEXANDRIA - Suez) for bunkering activities , marine Services and universal agencies . Member of the National Council for Women.- - Member of the Council of Arab Businesswomen. - Founder and President of the Board of Directors of the Women's Association of Port Said business development and the environment. - A member of the Federation of Associations of economic development. Nagla Edwar Azeer, From Egypt.
Madawi Abdalla Alhassoun 1. Member of first Businesswomen Committee (Jeddah Chamber of Commerce) 2. Vice president of Small Business Development Center (JCCI) 3. Board member of Faisaliah Welfare Organization 4. Board member of Jeddah Private School 5. Chairman of Jeddah Ladies organizing group of Jeddah Economic Forum 2004 Madawi Abdalla Alhassoun, From Saudi Arabia.
Noha Abdelsalam Ahmed Saleh General Manager: Alwaha educational crop Vice chairman: Minyawi group Board member of: Al liwa investment co. Board member of: BPW sudan Noha Abdelsalam Ahmed Saleh, From Sudan.
Nidal Jaafar Nagy - Owner & Director of Al-Dar Company for designs & furniture in Iraq & Jordan / 1991 – till the present. - Owner of many commercial agencies for hotels, offices & presidential palaces furniture & equipments 1991 – till the present. - Preparation phase planner for equipping grand complex in Basrah, Iraq / 2014 - Equipments & furniture supplier for Babylon & Mansour Milia hotels in Baghdad, Iraq / 2011 – 2013. - Participant in the renovation & furniture supply of Sheraton Hotel in Baghdad, Iraq 2005 - 2006. - Employee at Escwa – United Nation agency in Iraq / 1981 – 1991. - Owner of Al-Dar gallery in Baghdad, Iraq / 1986 – 2014. Nidal Jaafar Nagy, From Iraq.
Najla Mousa Alshafee A very active, enthusiastic, aggressive in solving challenging problems, very fast and accurate, hardworking and highly motivated individual who can perform well under pressure. Can easily adapt to any environment and interacts well with others. Has the ability to learn and acquire new technical, analytical and computer skills. Takes initiative in identifying new opportunities. Najla Mousa Alshafee, From Qatar.
Fathia Osman Director General of the Agency Evenementiel Otevent Director of the Agency for Logestic and transport, conferences and seminars Vice-President Riad Algakih Riad l'Fakia Association acting women heads of contracting Administrateur AFEM Member of board of directors of the Council of Arab BusinesswomenFathia Osman, From Morocco.
Najat Mohammed Jamaan Administrative, Organizational and Financial Advisory services in Public and Private Sector management focusing on institutional and business infrastructural development, trade and marketing enhancement, and enterprise’s economic outreach. Strong experience in policy development and planning supported by research and evaluation skills. Strategic planning and project management. In-depth knowledge on public sector institutions management and procedures; private sector and businesses development including import-domestic-export trade and marketing; and human-resource, financial and business-partnership systems. Najat Mohammed Jamaan, From Yemen.
Mona Gamal Abdelnasser Mrs Mona Gamal Abd EL Nasser is : Board Member of The Arab Business Women Council Member of Alliance for Arab Women Member of National Association for Protection of Environment Member of Supreme Council of Antiquities Mona Gamal Abdelnasser, From Egypt.
Sahar Mohamed El sallab • Chairman for the family business Hiteknofal for Technology. • Member of the Board of Naeem Holding Company (private equity). • Member of the Board of Nile Financial Leasing (leasing market). Sahar Mohamed El sallab, From Egypt.
Donia Abdelatif Alam Eldeen -General Manager for Design and Construction Engineering DEC Consultants in UAE and Lebanon. - Member of the Chamber of Commerce and industry, Abu Dhabi, UAE. - Member of the Order of engineers – Lebanon since 1985. - Member of the society of engineers-UAE. - A member of the Abu Dhabi businesswomen Council. Donia Abdelatif Alam Eldeen, From United Arab Emirates.
Nadia Mekhaiel Alraheb 1 – CHAIRMAN of Carlton for Touristic Development BOARD MEMBER of Directors of South Sinai Investors Association Nadia Mekhaiel Alraheb, From Andorra.
SamIha Ahmed AL-Al Gosaibi - One of the founding member of the Gulf's Girl Association, Al Khobar 1965 & member of the Board of Directors till now. - Member of the Board of Directors, Ahmed Hamed Al Gosaibi Group & his Brothers in a position of Director Public Relations. - Owner of Samiha Ahmed Al Gosaibi Foundation, in Addition to that she's a member of Chamber of Commerce & Industry in Riyadh. SamIha Ahmed AL-Al Gosaibi, From Saudi Arabia.
Carmen Zghieb Member of the Union to receive communications centers in the world (Call Centers Association). Board member of the "Women's Forum initiatives between the East and the West" - Sweden Member of the Office of Pastoral Care of Women - Maronite Patriarchate - Bkirki.Carmen Zghieb, From Lebanon.
Ibtisam Hussien Ben Amer Born in Benghazi, Libya on November 27, 1949 Wife of Libyan Ambassador Moustafa Mahmoud Dreiza stationed in Tokyo and Manila. Very active in social work, volunteering and actively participating with the Down's Syndrome Society in Tripoli. One of the few early Libyan women in business. According to Forbes Magazine was listed as number 28 of the 50 strongest Arab businesswomen in 2006Ibtisam Hussien Ben Amer, From Libya.
Nabila Elkhayer Nabeela , is an award-winning businesswoman and a professional artist. She has been featured in the Forbes Middle East being the #45 in the 2014 Most Powerful Women in the Arab World and ranked 6th in Bahrain’s Most Powerful Women.Nabila Elkhayer, From Bahrain.
Dr. Sharifa Khalfan al-yahyai owner and chairman for Almaaly for Trading Company -MasqatDr. Sharifa Khalfan al-yahyai, From Oman.
Rawya Mansour Rawya Mansour A woman of many talents, Rawya Mansour is a globally acclaimed Interior Designer, Environmental Activist, and Humanitarian restlessly fighting for the uplifting of all stratifications of society.Rawya Mansour, From Egypt.
Zainab Mustafa Ghazali Zainab Mustafa Ghazali, From Egypt.
Lolwa divorced Rashed Lolwa divorced Rashed, From Andorra.
Hana Helali Hana Helali, From Egypt.
Hind Salman Al Khalifa Hind Salman Al Khalifa, From Bahrain.
Maryam Mohammed Al Rumaithi Maryam Mohammed Al Rumaithi, From Andorra.
Al Ain Al - Talhouni Al - Saket Al Ain Al - Talhouni Al - Saket, From Jordan.
Sheikha Mariam bint Hamad Al Khalifa Sheikha Mariam bint Hamad Al Khalifa, From Bahrain.
Maha Sobhy Awad Maha Sobhy Awad, From Palestinian Territory, Occupied.
Hanan al - Sayed Taleb Rifai Hanan al - Sayed Taleb Rifai, From Andorra.
Nancy Noraz Bakir Nancy Noraz Bakir, From Jordan.
Mian Wasel Raslan Mian Wasel Raslan, From Egypt.
Fayza Farid Ahmed Fayza Farid Ahmed, From Egypt.
Sonia Khanji Sonia Khanji, From Syria.
Dr.. Amany El Asfour Dr.. Amany El Asfour, From Egypt.
Fatima bin Abdullah al - Radaisi Fatima bin Abdullah al - Radaisi, From Tunisia.
Asmaa Al - Habishi Asmaa Al - Habishi, From Egypt.
Najat Abdullah Al - Dashti Najat Abdullah Al - Dashti, From Kuwait.
Bushra Abbas Al-Hazeem Bushra Abbas Al-Hazeem, From Kuwait.
Agadir Joeyhan Agadir Joeyhan, From Jordan.
Enas Makawy Enas Makawy, From Andorra.
Rana Ahmed Al Assaad Rana Ahmed Al Assaad, From Qatar.


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Be in the city of Cairo, Arab Republic of Egypt headquarters of the Council, the Council may establish branch offices in .....

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The role of the working woman in the Council of Arab Businesswomen has grown considerably recently, ...

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Arab Council of Businesswomen is economic association Arab non-governmental and not-for-profit operating...